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PC-1 approved to upgrade CDA’s planning wing

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s Development Working Party (DWP) on Saturday approved the upgradation of its planning wing with a budget of around PKR 800 million, according to news published on May 08. During a CDA-DWP meeting – held under the chair of Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed – the PC-1 of the project was approved.

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The said project titled ‘Establishment of Geo-Spatial Technology Wing’ is worth approximately PKR 796 million and will be completed in 36 months. The objective of the project is to transfer the planning wing to an information technology (IT)-based system, as opposed to traditional planning methods.

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As per the initial proposal, the authority will establish a Planning and Geo-Spatial Technology Wing within its premises. This development will benefit from the application of GIS technologies and remote sensing. The plan also includes the use of high-resolution imagery for mapping of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), land cover classification mapping, and temporal analysis of development progress, among other things. The datasets obtained will be used to design, modify and finalize the ICT master plan.

It was highlighted that the upgraded planning wing will help sustain and improve IT infrastructure for the service delivery provision of the authority, by offering e-services to citizens of Islamabad.


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