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PC-1 approved to upgrade CDA’s planning wing

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s Development Working Party (DWP) on Saturday approved the upgradation of its planning wing with a budget of around PKR 800 million, according to news published on May 08. During a CDA-DWP meeting – held under the chair of Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed – the PC-1 of the project was approved. Read: CDA, […]

Number of affordable homes built in Pakistan barely rises: IFC

Islamabad: The International Finance Corporation (IFC) on Tuesday said affordable house building for low-income groups in Pakistan barely increased last year despite high demand, while the mortgage finance market remains critically underdeveloped. According to a new study ‘Pakistan Housing Finance – Is there a business case for Financial Institutions’ from IFC highlighting opportunities in the […]

Islamabad’s IJP Road under construction at fast pace

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has revealed that the construction work at I.J. Principal Road is progressing at an expedited pace, media sources reported. It was disclosed that the National Logistics Cell (NLC) has started piling work to rehabilitate I.J. Principal Road after the soil test at all four sites was completed. It was […]


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